Bedbugs Photos - Reading Light - Swedish Girls Thailand

These photos are part of newsletters of Andy World Travels
Newsletter # 145

Bed Bug ... I think - This was in a hotel - All hotels could have Bed Bugs


I captured these Bed Bugs to show.

Bed bugs are suppose to create line of bites.

Sacrificed for the cause - I could have moved, but stayed to show what happens.


My reading light.

Cost 50 Baht in Bangkok Thailand - This swivels

Hook it on edge of anything.


4 Swedish Girls that had their tickets taken away and had to buy a new ferry boat ticket.
This is crazy, they just got off a package tour trip bus coming from Bangkok.

Swedish Girls getting rooked by Thailand Tour Companies. They had one piece of paper with all tickets on the paper.
This was taken from them. Get FOUR separate tickets. Do not enmesh.

This is the name of bus stop where they kept the Swedish girls money.

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