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These photos are part of newsletters of Andy World Travels
Newsletter # 143

Great Hasp or lock apparatus for a backpack - U.S. Army surplus sold in Russia

The worlds cheapest and efficient backpack - Army surplus

What people carry? Cigarettes, or CD ROM to copy or make copies of Mpegs


What every Hostel should have - A quick cooker for coffee.
Note that Francis used this to steam bread and left it full of bread crumbs - Pigs


RJ45 Plug - A bigger version of the telephone jack plug.


There are two connections The one on the left of my Compaq computer is for the
LAN or RJ45 Plug the on on the right is for a normal telephone jack or the line for a dial up modem connection.


Me trying to hang up everything in my Room in the Sawasdee Inn in Bangkok

Hang up my backpack organizers with the lowered ceiling.


A very good clock purchased in Dohuk Iraq - Has a light and when you shut it the alarm switch is off.




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