Orange Juice - Airport Tax - My backpacks - Wendy from Taiwan - Ulaan Baator Mongolia

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Newsletter # 143

Soldier Statues

Trash - Surprise! This is excellent. They actually have containers for trash and pickup. This is not normal for poor countries.


What you should have weekly for sure. Orange juice

What I am too afraid or will not buy for fear! Milk

Airport of Ulan Batar, Mongolia

Russian Jeep

Airport Tax of 12500 Turig or 11 Dollars US. Paid in either.


The selling or copying of the USA Flag for profit.

My bags on cart. Note the bag is new and made custom in Katmandu.

How to weigh in light for a plane trip. The man in front of me.

The top of a Gur Tent inside the airport.

Taiwan girl that is studying in Boston - Wants to sell or manufacture clothes in the future - Wendy


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