Hostel - Black Market - Dead Soldiers - Mutton Pancakes - Ulaan Baator, Mongolia

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Nassan Guesthouse - I locked my bag to Radiator
Posted - Photos or Pictures on how to stay secure in Hostel Dorm

The promotion of America is not being done by America. The world promotes America.
The American Flag cups in a nowhereville store in Ulaan Baator, Mogolia

I think the nude picture means it is a strip joint. They have club where the girls dance with clothe here also.
Too funny

What sell world wide? A billboard across the street for Vodka or Girl.. I am not sure?

Internet Cafe - The Mouse House 600 Turig or Mongolia money. About 50 Cents U.S.

Never trust a time table in any country. I am taking this photo because they are not open.


This is a Gur Tent Restaurant. I suppose the gur pays.


Heineken - Sold cheaper in Cheap countries to sell.

Legend Tours - A Russian Tour Company.
Warning! This is not the place to get a tour to Russia or to get a Visa. Get it in your home country or 3 country back.

This guy is a good or helpful plane ticket salesperson. Not that he told me there was NO airport tax and there is,
and there is also a need or possible need to have a China Visa just to stop in China for a Layover.


Black Market in Ulan Bator - Sells a lot of copies and cheap Chinese stuff

Canada - Sweden - Mogolia or Ubekistan


How to change clothes in freezing weather and buy pants that are as irregular in size as possible.

Mutton Pancake

Salty Tea

Dead Soldiers of Mongolia Statue

Tank - Pointed towards the moon or maybe China or Japan - Remember..?


Ulaan Baator from a distance.

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