Electrical Problems - Hobo T-shirts - Jeff with too many bags - Mongolia

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Newsletter # 143

Electrical Hook up in Nassan Guesthouse and my work around.   Posted - Travel Electricity

I took two alligator clips and spliced the wires together in the Nassan Guesthouse in Ulaan Baator, Mongolia   Posted - Travel Electricity

Organizers hanging in Hostel on end of Bunkbed in Nassan Guesthouse Dormitory in Ulaan Baator, Mongolia
Posted Pictures of Backpack Organizers in Use

Publisher of Cuzco Weekly or worked there, now out of business. Oliver


England on left, Iceland on Right
Iceland girl traveler with a Blog.


What type of skull  is this? Jeff was given this as a gift in the gur.

Long Fangs for small head.

The contents of Jeffs Bag.

Jeff using his backpack organizer in Nassan Guesthouse in Ulan Batar, Mongolia



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Jeff trying to push all his stuff in bag.



Too many bags!

Canadian Flag pins that Francis has to give away.

Fastener to hold bag of Francis.


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