Train to Mongolia - Telephone Men - Shirts

Pictures Taken by "Hobo"
Jeff Westin
Stockton, California USA
Rights of photos belongs to Jeff.

I met Jeff in Mexico, Costa Rica,
Ecuador and travel from India to Mongolia with him.

He has his own webpage and writes a newsletter.
He has traveled to 50 Plus countries and is one of the most
well organized and world country knowledgeable travelers I have met.

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These photos are part of newsletters of Andy World Travels
Newsletter # 143


Coal along the path to Mongolia


Changing the train cars wheels to either wider or skinnier to fit the track in Mongolia


 Shirt on China Girl


Hobo Traveler Shirt


Compartment on Train from Beijing China to Ulan Batar Mongolia


Strange men and violent men - drink a lot - They are always holding telephones for people to use.

Modern Building in Ulan Batar Mogolia

Fur Skin jackets for around 200-300 Dollars in Ulan Bator Mongolia

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