Misc. Russian Guy Saluting - Cow Skull - Ulaan Batar Statue - Monastery Mongolia

Pictures Taken by "Hobo"
Francis Bouchard
Ottawa, Canada - Age 20

Rights of photos belongs to Francis.

I met Francis and would consider him a
 "Hobo Par Excellence" for knowing
the ins and outs of being a "Barefoot Hobo Traveler"
He travels CHEAP! Knows Russia very well.

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These photos are part of newsletters of Andy HoboTraveler.com World Travels
Newsletter # 143

Some Russian guy saluting.

This is the statue in the center of the square of the man that then named the city "Ulaan Batar" after. He freed the country.


Monastery of Mongolia

This is some type of Turtle that marked the boundaries of area.

Skull of Animal

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