Let's talk about the gear, clothing, equipment, and other
fun toys and paraphernalia for Hobo Travel.

What I carry? - A wire strainer.

Why? - To filter tea, coffee, or preparation of food.

I will do about anything to avoid going to a restaurant.
Some countries sell instant coffee and other countries
force me use ground coffee. Tea, orange juice, lemon
juice, and other drinks sometimes are better when strained
through a strainer.

I would never sacrifice all the pleasures of life and
consider this required gear for my home on my back.


These photos are part of newsletters of Andy World Travels
Newsletter # 142

Invariably people wish to borrow this, and you must watch it all the time or the Hippies will run
off with it to filter their tea and never return it. Watch your strainer!
The bottom of this strainer is smashed from being carried inside my backpack.


Metal wire are better than plastic ones because they will not melt as easily. The small hooks on the
side keep this strainer from falling off the cup or side of a bowl.

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