Airplane to Beijing - Recycling - Bicycle parking - Tours to Russia

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Newsletter # 142

Airline Stewardess on plane from Lhasa to Beijing China

The VIP Lounge. Communism is about all people being the same, this is not the case in China.

Jeff checking into the Hotel in Beijing. This took about 30 minutes because they would not accept
the visa from we received to enter Tibet. 120 Yuan per night for 2 people.



The first think I see in Beijing in the morning is this very modern entrance to a Mall.

America copied - Mickey Mouse, Football, Wall Street in Beijing China

This is nice the government post newspapers to read.



Very good signs in the subway with times and distance.


Inside a modern subway car in Beijing.

Juicy Fruit is sold as lot of other USA products.

Steps to cross the road. The smooth path on the right I believe is to push your bike up.

Recycle Bin in Beijing.

Very large modern highways in Beijing

Bike Parking Lot

Everyone or half the people in Beijing, China seem to ride bikes

Tour operator that sells trips to Russia - He will arrange if you by the complete package. Way too expensive.
I think this is called "Monkey Business" Very dry British boy.

Good Restaurant across the Street. This is in some Ex-pat area of Beijing.

The Walls Ice Cream Sign - That symbol of Ice cream is everywhere in the world. Beijing China in Ex-pat area.
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Walls Restaurant Sign in Beijing China

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