DAY THREE - FOUR TOUR - Stupa - Monastery - Xhigatze, Tibet or What I do not know
Drive from Latse, Tibet to Shigatze, Tibet and the Hotel Everest Friendship Hotel

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Arch in the very modern city of Shigatse, Tibet

Motorcycle and not a poor country

Little boy going to toilet in lot

The typical main street in Shigatse

Entrance to Tashilumpo Monastery?



Playing a huge dice game on the sidewalk.


Monks posing for camera.

Prayer beads similar to the Muslim Prayer bead, but for Buddhist - A crossing over or bleeding.

Mushroom Waste Bin


Entrance to Monastery and Beggars

Inside the Monastery




This is a Stupa?

People laying around and going around the Stupa


Typical of the monks and the "Old" typical clothes.

A man we got to pose in somewhat old typical clothes.

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