DAY THREE TOUR - High Pass - Hotel with No water - Shigatse Tibet - Washing Machines Bikes
Drive from Latse, Tibet to Shigatze, Tibet and the Hotel Everest Friendship Hotel

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Small Religious piles of rocks?

Another high pass with no name, that I know

The whole highway was lined with these pile of gravel. Preparing for more road work.
I think you call this the Friendship Highway.



Horse Cart


What a joke. Had to turn on the water for us. No heat for the first class people, and just obnoxious.
So far away from anything that we could not walk. Shigatse, Tibet


A Free Tibet Tag on Sweater. Selling "Free Tibet" is big business, and a real money maker.

Our dorms rooms. OK, but no water


This statue was made of fiberglass

The guide calling her boss.

This is suppose to be the FIRST CLASS hotel

Typical light switch and the type in the hotel.

Forcing the driver and guide to take us to bank or ATM.



Market in Shigatse Tibet

Eating and Jeff is so cold that he is using Chopstick with gloves


Wash Machine and sign of high development
This was the second largest city in Tibet and we are living in the cold with no water.

Brand New Bikes

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