DAY TWO TOUR - Checkpoint - Dancing by fire and typical Music Instrument - Invited to Home - Latse Tibet
Waking up in Zhangmu and drive to Latse, Tibet

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Checkpoint in Tibet



Arriving in Latse at the Hotel - International Direct Dial Telephone Booth - No heat, but telephone


The group is wandering around to buy supplies at local store in Lhatse, Tibet


Public toilet and a sign of high development


Kids wanting money outside of Hotel in Lhatse


A Pomela?


The finger of Isabelle becoming progressively more dirty.


Man playing a guitar like instrument in front of the fire and the group dancing.


Isabelle got us invited upstairs to the apartment of the owners of the Hotel.
This was the only cultural event beside the Buddhist Monastery we encountered.
This was NOT part of the tour and we were lucky.



Somewhat typical hat on the man - Lots of times only for formal.

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