DAY ONE TOUR - Crossing the border - The night in hotel at Zhangmu, Tibet
Trip from Katmandu Nepal to cross the border and stay the night in Zhangmu, Tibet - Just across the border

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Nepal children at village along the way from Katmandu to Border of Tibet

Jeff walking at the border, we had to walk about 15 minutes to cross the border

Other members of the tour group.


Tibet is to the front across a bridge or a river to the right.

Water supply at the border for the locals



We stopped at this Hotel or restaurant for lunch.

While we ate the one Nepal guide took our passports and departure forms and got them stamped.

Loading into the 4-wheel drives for the new transportation at the border.

China Immigration Sign - NO photos allowed!


Waiting in line for the next person to enter and get processed to enter Tibet China


Discussing the fact that the Tour Guide just told us that they was going to double up the trip.
We got very demanding and said we paid for the days, and called her boss.
In the end Jeff was very forceful and we had are full tour and was not shorted as the tour company wished to do.

Arrived in the city of Zhangmu - They have internet here and the city is just on the other side of the Tibet Border
I have no idea why they was drying fish with underwear?

City of Zhangmu, Tibet

City of Zhangmu, Tibet

Note the hotel gave us western spoons, forks and knives, but No showers.

Breakfast at the hotel.

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