DAY ONE TOUR - Fields - Breakfast - Mustard - Kids stopping bus - Katmandu to Border
Trip from Katmandu Nepal to cross the border and stay the night in Zhangmu, Tibet - Just across the border

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Terrace farming as the tour group left Katmandu going towards the Tibet border.

Our Mini-Bus that took the group to border.

Stopping for free breakfast at a hotel.

Gazebo and a great view


Jeff and a couple from Hong Kong

Nice Hat the guy has!


I took a photo of this sink with bar of soap. The BAR OF SOAP is unusual in any Asian Country.
These are squat toilet and the idea is you use your hand and clean afterwards.
When the bar of soap exist I know this is possible.

Village along the way in Nepal to Tibet



Kids stopping the bus for donations for some Holiday


Mustard plants I think.

Home or apartments along the river

This is where the kids have stopped the vehicle for a donation. This happened about 20 times.
I think it was a special day or reason.





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