Backpack - Typical Nepal Hat - Hot Water - Import Export Cargo - Kathmandu Katmandu Nepal

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My "Old" backpack with a backpack organizer inside.




Me heating up water for a cup of noodles

I labeled all the plug areas on my computer. It is often very dark in the rooms.


Hot water tank inside the toilet of the Tibet Guesthouse. You must get them to turn on the electricity or turn it on yourself.

I stuffed the waste basket in a hole to stop the cold air.

Oops. No Fitted Sheet - Remember the tip for Sheet Straps

Universal Electrical Adapter - Hehehe - Do not do this. This is dangerous... maybe.

Dettol Liquid soap, made by Ivory in India



Stopping the water from leaving the toilet or shower area.


Always a closet with no hangers. This is why I sell the backpack organizer.

Typical exposed wires in most Hotels in the world.

S and R Cargo Services of Kathmandu Nepal

Rishi - A great guy. I told him the black jacket made him look like a gangster.


Typical Nepal Hat

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