Tour Company - Snake Charmers - Eagles - Tourist Center Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

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This is the company Jeff and me purchase the tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa.
It was pretty good, but really did not know much real facts about the trip.

A maybe 3-star hotel in the center of the tourist area and maybe a good place to book for people that want
the better than backpacker room.

Hotel Vaishanu... I think the fare price should be around 40 dollars although there price list was rediculous.

Nails on the tops of walls to keep out burglars in Katmandu. Most places put broken bottles in the world.


This sign was about the short cut to the Thamel Street or Area.

It is common for guesthouse that need lots of security to have a bell outside at the gate for when you arrive home late.

Mess of electrical and cable TV cables.

Snake Charmers working for donations.



Me pretending to take a photo of snake charmer, but instead taking photo of police.
This is dangerous, do not do this.



View of roof line from the top of the Tibet Peace Guesthouse in Katmandu, Nepal


Kids playing and wanting their photo taken.

Another religious shrine of sorts.

This was Eagles Flying about the city. There were at least 30 flying around in the air drafts.


This is a bar or a typical bar in Katmandu for the locals.

This is the center of the tourist area for Katmandu and basically the starting point for everything.
The epicenter or tourist area, or the center of the Backpacker Universe. Where the prices are highest.


Pizza and Coke - This is when you know you are not eating the typical foods

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