Music - Tibet Peace - Street Food - Foot Fetish - Thai Massage Kathmandu, Nepal

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Music or CD Roms Sales - This is big in Katmandu, but I think they are copies and not real


Chicken Dragon served in the Sun Beam restaurant at a fare price.

Bought my sweater from him or fleeced lined jacket.

The garden area of the Tibet Peace Guesthouse


Smile guy, the owner or renter, I am not sure, of the Tibet Peace Guesthouse
He has been the owner or manager for less than a year. This is why it hard to say if a place will
continue to be good. Managers and owner change. He is a good guy.

Dutch Couple


Street food





Sort of like a dough deep fried, but made of 70 percent sugar.

Milk is sold or delivered daily to the people in plastic bags in the early morning.



Construction techniques.

Probably some monkey God


Cold store mean where they sell cold beer.


Foot Fetish - Exclusive Thai Massage - There is at least 50 Massage places in Katmandu, and
I think they give more than a massage for a price.


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