Tours Salesman - Tibet Peace Guesthouse - Typical Tourist Street in Katmandu, Nepal

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We purchased the tour to Tibet from Katmandu from this man. He did tell us a minimum amount, and we paid very little for the tour.

I bought some insulated pants from him. You have to negotiate very hard in Katmandu for Gear.

Typical Store in Kathmandu that sells gear and sometimes used gear. I found the used gear cost more than the new.

Some form of Hindu or Buddhist Offering site strategically located around the city.

This cost 8 Rupees in the locals area and would have cost about 35 on the main tourist street.

The sell labels for people to manufacture gear in this store.

Fish along the street for sale. There is a river in Kathmandu, Nepal

Green Peace - Western World Guesthouse - These hyperbole and playing off of people
desires makes me nervous.

Does not look greenwashed to me.

Peace this and peace that. I stayed in the Tibet Peace, owned by a Swiss guy that spoke French.

Tibet Peace Guest House. This was the only Hotel we found in Katmandu that had a common area where you could
talk and meet other travelers.

Tibet Peace Common Area - Kerosene Heater

The common area - Look for this type of area if you wish to enjoy your stay and have a social life.

Swiss / French - He spoke English also. Note that there was a lot of French girls in this Hotel.

I thought this Glory Name was funny.

Poverty.... A full on tourist restaurant.

Barnes and Noble Book House

The typical tourist street in Katmandu, Nepal


These Rickshaw bike drivers will drive you crazy along with the hashish sellers.


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