Gandhi Ashram - Solar Water - Electricity - Methane Gas

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Sign at train station of Sewagram India - 50 Rupees by Rickshaw to Ashram

My Hotel room at the Gandhi Ashram


This is very funny in India.

She is mixing up cow manure to create menthane gas to cook with.

That tank to the right of girl is a methane gas collector.


Washing dishes at the Ashram with Ashes

Dreads? Go figure?

Solar Collection panels to heat water.

Wood to pollute the air.

Electrical Collector from Solar power in the Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi in Sewagram India

His mouth is full of betel or beetle nut crap.

These Maska Khari are also called Bombay Salts

Bapurao Deshmukh College of Engineering


The guy on the right is student and very knowledgeable on India

Cotton wagon pulled by Oxen

Map of Ashram


Solar Collection Area


I think this is Lentils


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