Sirpur India - Solar Water - Peanut Man - Drinking Water

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Electrical Wire congestion of Sitpur India

This city has a paper mill that provides about 10,000 jobs that pay 5000 Rupees per month. It is a prosperous city.

Solar Heated Water in Sitpur India - Posted: photosshowers01.shtml

Street Market or normal street - Note that this city has not tourist.

Water Container in India - Matka or JhaJhar Posted: photosfooddrinkingwater.shtml

The Hindu people put the flowers in the braids or pony tail of their hair. These people wanted me to stop
and take their photos. Posted: photoscultureindia01.shtml

I hate this moment. He wants to give me fruit. He does not speak English. I eat this and have no desire to eat this fruit.


Place I stayed in Sitpur. A good as any but probably better.


Sirpur or Kaghanagar - There is a train stop here.

The peanut man - He is heating or cooking the peanuts with that hot pot in the middle.
This is in Sirpur India - posted - PHOTOS OF PEANUTS

Me throwing trash on ground as instructed by the shop owner. The cities of India are the trash receptacles.

Sort of look the same.

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