Subash Chandra Bose - "You give me blood, and I give you Independence." - Cricket - Bus Station - Sitpur India

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Bus stop - The man to the right has a scar for warmth around his ears.


Tent People outside each city.

Christ - Hindu - Muslim

Bus Driver

Collecting wood along the road for cooking.

Growing in the floodplain of river.


Mexican Standoff in India. I am in bus and they sat on bridge for 10 minutes waiting for the other to give up.


Chipathi Flour Grinder and Masala Spices

Masala Grinder

Grinds Wheat, Chilis and spices

Selling Chicken and the door to left is where the grinder was located.

Cricket in Sitpur


Subash Chandra Bose - Helped to fight for Independence of India. He was extremist.
He had a saying, "You give me blood, and I give you Independence."
This statue was everywhere along the road and in the city from Hyderabad to Nagpur



I am the center of attraction here.

Street view and notice the cluster of electrical lines.

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