Morning Noisy People Chanting in Hampi - Milking the cow!

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The boys woke me up in Hampi, so I went out and took a photo.


This boy worked at the Shanthi Guesthouse in Hampi. He slept in front of the gate with a mosquito net above him.
He was very good at clearing his throat and spitting every morning very early.

This lady was massaging the female cow trying to convince it to piss. She is going to use the piss to wipe down the walls.

This is a little clicker that makes noise, a kid on the bus was clicking constantly.

The little boy with the clicker on the bus from Hampi to Hospet.

Satellite dish for TV in Hampi

Ayurvedic Massag and Henna Design. See the name OM. That is the trendy name.

Shackle that helped sow my backpack organizers.

These are the colors that the Hindu people put on their foreheads. This was just outside the main temple in Hampi.

Shackle with Mono here husband.

Shackle with Mono here husband.

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