How to get robbed in your room - Hot Water Showers

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This is a photo in Benalium Beach India of Goa State.
This very nice 2 story small Hotel had this ledge around the first floor. The reason for this ledge was to keep the monsoon rains from flowing into the first floor window, but it also allowed the robbers and thieves a great way to rob your room.


This is a photo taken in Benalium Beach India in Goa.
This ledge is around the whole house.

A person is able to walk around the ledge and reach in the room to steal things off the table, bed.

You cannot see the ledge from the Inside of the room. - Posted photoshowers

Me Heating Water for shower. - Posted photoshowers

 - Posted photoshowers

This type of heating element burns up if in the water too far and if out of the water too far. I must adjust it exact. It is not good for heating water because the top will be very hot, and the bottom will be cold - Posted photoshowers

Typical Electrical Setup in India although this is dirtier than normal  - Posted photoshowers

 - Posted photoshowers

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