Hampi India - Vijayanagar - Sanskrit: �City of Victory�

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Vijayanagar - Sanskrit: �City of Victory�

This is one of them special places to visit in the world, where the
air seems a little cleaner, and the world a little newer, plus all
the problems seem to be on the other side of the planet. I visited
Hampi just before Christmas 2004 and it took a month before
I was able to leave, although most travelers came and went in
1-5 days I lingered on for a month to learn about Hampi and to
enjoy the beauty.

This is a the land of Hindu Kings or Ramas that build a Kingdom
on the Tungabhadra River and fought over the region with invading
Muslims from the North for a rein in their dynasty of approximately
200 year starting around 1296-1336.

The river ran along the side of the Kingdom and small canal were
created for irrigation, and to serve the homes. Out of granite they
 have carved large slabs of stone to use as walls that surrounded
the old empire.

Hampi is a beautiful river setting where you can watch the sunset
from rocky cliffs or wander aimlessly through interesting and often
too mysterious areas of an old world. The local speak very little English
and I found it extremely difficult to find accurate information from anyone,
so more or less I reveled in the natural beauty, and tried not to ask too
many questions.

To visit Hampi in serious terms I would enter to Hospet the small city
located approximately 10 Kilometer from Hampi, and look for tour guide
there, as I could nobody qualified in the Hampi area. I would however
strongly recommend you base your stay in Hampi so you can enjoy
the wonderful beauty of the ruins. I have found the Rickshaw drivers to
be of little value from a guide point of view and would recommend renting
a motor scooter as one of the ideal ways to see the site that covers
around 26 Square kilometers. There are also bicycles available for rent.

The minimum time to even begin to understand Hampi in my opinion
needed is 5 days and to me 10 days would be best. Book your train
tickets in advance or your buses, as there is a problem in India presently
for train reservations. There is NO ATM or Bank Machines in the area so
bring cash or travelers checks.

In Kalamapura there is a museum that has a model of the whole site.

Suggested way to visit Hampi:
1. Come to Hospet by Train or bus.
2. Take an Auto Rickshaw for 50 Rupee or the bus for 7 Rupees to Hampi.
3. Find a Room for somewhere between 50 and 200 Rupees per night.
4. Walk around and enjoy the Bazaar and buy a small map and handbook
of Hampi for 20 Rupees from any of the ever-present boys saying.
�You want postcard.�
5. Take a Rickshaw or bus to Kalamapura to visit the museum and to
see the model.
6. For the very serious travel to Hospet and look for guides or maybe
inquire at the Hospet Tourism office. 50 Rupees, 1 Dollar U.S. or 1 Euro
will take you anywhere one way in the area.
7. Up the hill from the Bazaar on the road to Hospet is a man that sells
various books about Hampi and there is also a bookstore in Hampi
that may be of use.
8. Do a combination of Guide, Bike, Motor scooter, and walking of the area.
9. Arrive lost to Hampi and depart lost form Hampi.
10. Hampi is a small village of people with rooftop restaurants and curio
shops. It is impossible to get lost in Hampi for long, but it is possible to stay
confused for days.

Again, bring plenty of cash money or traveler checks as the use of
Credit Cards; ATM, Bank Debit Machine Cards is not available.

I have made a small map of maybe some help.

Lots of photos in the Photo Gallery above.
I included photos of Hampi and Hospet in both issues
137 and 138 of the Hobo Travel Tips newsletters.


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Vijayanagar - Sanskrit: �City of Victory�
Karnataka State close to Hospet, India
East of the state of Goa, India

Where to find the books on Hampi?
End of Bazaar Walk to Bull and Monkey Hampi Karnataka India
2nd End of Bazaar Walk to Bull and Monkey - Hampi India
Sasivekalu Ganesha Hampi India
Main Bazaar Hampi India Humpi
Queens Bath Hampi India
Boats, River Crossing in Hampi River India Karnataka
Hampi Main Temple Virupaksha Temple
Queens Bath Hampi India
Hampi - Walk from gate away from Bazaar - India
Water Pond Behind or Next to the Main Temple in Hampi India
Monolithic Elephant and Monkey God - Hampi India
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple and Underground Siva Temple - Hampi India
Elephant Stables and what you see when you pay to enter: Hampi India
Stone Chariot - Hampi India
Stone Chariot and the Kings Balance - Hampi India
The River of Hampi India -Tungabhadra River

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