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Shackle Seamstress and person that Helped Andy to Make Backpack Organizers.

These photos are part of newsletters of Andy World Travels
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Shackles place of business at the back of Hampi India


Shackles the front room for her, her husband and two children. Note that in a warm climate you only sleep inside,
almost all other activity is done outside. The one stove is to the lower right.


Eating on banana leaves breakfast of Igli and Chetnee




Serving some Chi or Tea with Milk. The banana leaves are very biodegradable and easy for cows to eat.

She smiles big. The necklace signifies she is married in the Hindu Religion.
She also has 2 toe rings. One on each foot that also is a sign of marriage.


I guess that it Igli


This is a bad photo of betel that the people chew and makes their teeth red.

Shackles Daughter on Left and friend of daughter on Right

Shackles Daughter on Left and friend of daughter on Right

The Vicky Neighbor daughter. Some girls when young have short hair and the boys have long.
Make absolutely no sense.



Shackle measuring out material for more bags. Notice that this a very scientific and machine ran operations.
Hand made and the sewing machine has a foot peddle.

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