Babu - Chicken Tika - Backpack Locks -  Hindu Beggar Boy - Hampi Karnataka India

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Cloth Merchant from Hospet that comes to Hampi daily.

Lock for backpack that a man from Singapore had.


ON The SIGNS you can find the street names when maybe there are no street signs. (p)

Artist from Singapore in Hampi and Hospet India

Wheel Chair in Hospet for cripples - Hospet, India in the State of Karnataka. (p Cripples)

3 Pigs taking a snooze along side the road in Hospet.

Singapore Artist with kid wanting money in Chicken Restaurant in Hospet

Chicken Tika - Owned by Muslim People I believe.

I love the Chicken at this restaurant, but THEN I see the fingers of the waiter and almost puked.
They was so dirty. Chicken Corner in Hospet, India - Chicken Tika

Urinating into the street canal in Hospet, India - Very Normal in India (p)


Chetnee the type I do not like

hmmm? Is this guy a beggar? No, a religious kid wanting money? (p)

This is a ditch at the end of the drain canal in Hampi - It is inside the banana trees. (p)

Kitchen or wash water going to bananas and down toward river in Hampi India (p)


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