Hospet Street Toilet - Puppies and Mom - Swastikas - Hampi India

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Open Toilet in the bus stop at Hospet

The swastika is part of the Hindu symbols. I think it is backwards in comparison to the Nazis

This dingaling was sitting in Internet Cafe watching me, so I took the jerks photo. Good way to stop them.

Internet Cafe in Hospet

This is lotion to make a dark or black skin persons skin whiter.

I stayed here for a few nights. The toilet is in the upper right.
I went to use the toilet 3 times around 4-5 a.m.
When I came out a person was standing around outside my room.
The India People watch people leave their rooms to use the toilet. Run up the outside steps and run
into the room. I locked my door so no problem.

Dog with puppies.

Open Sewer that is for kitchen water, it follows the ditch and waters the Bananas and probably ends in the river.

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