Farm Fields - Beggars - Water Tank - Park - Hubli Karnataka India

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Water supply or fountain of a sort in Hubli, Karnataka, India

This water if for public. No Spitting, washing, hands, legs, face are not allowed.

This is a holding tank. I suppose it is possible it is also a filter.

Typical street in Hubli India


Wide open fields for farming as you enter from the State of Goa to the State of Karnataka

This farming is done with tractors for the most part.





My backpack as they wanted to store it at the front of bus or coach.

Park in Dhaward India - Good stuff! Slide etc.



Bangles shops are everywhere in India. A bangle is a small round plastic, steel, gold, silver, or glass ring.

Street salesman of bangles.

Hindu place in Dhaward

This is a stone wheeled cart. I think it for some parade or something for the Hindu Temple.

Cow Statue

Saddam Makes the cover of the India papers  when captured.

Beggar girl

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