Where to find the books on Hampi?

The postcard kids sell simple books and maps in the parking lot, or everywhere you walk in Hampi, but if you really want a full-on good book with history, photos, and such you need to find this guy. He may or may not be there, but I have always seen him as I leave the GATE of the Bazaar and walk away from the "Water" and towards "Hospet" over the hill is this guy. It is just up the hill from the Gate to the Bazaar. I am sure this makes no sense, but if you stand at the gate of the Bazaar and walk up the hill, maybe he will be there. There is a Museum of Hampi in Kalamapura.

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These in 25 days here are the only true books I have seen. Note that I remember there is a bookstore on the main bazaar street and they may sell these books.

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