Making wheel for Oxen Cart - Masala Dosa - Hubli, Karnataka State, India

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The heated the metal with Bellows and these two boy beat it into shape.
They are making the steel hoop for around a wooden wheel pulled by oxen.


The wheel without the hoop.

An Oxen pulled cart.

Two hams that wanted their photos taken.

This guy did also, see the hump on the oxen. That assist or helps to stop the yoke.

I demand or want these types of lock in India. It is excellent system and so far very common.

Kalpana Lodge across from Bus Station in Hubli, Karnataka State, India. OK. 100 Rupees. Cockroaches.

Normal eating of trash by cows, dog, and pigs. Oops, there is a lady in there also.

Bakery in Hubli.

Nice architecture.

The bus station in Hubli.

Old lady that wanted photo taken. Selling small bananas for maybe 1 Rupee each.

The lock on inside in Kapana Lodge. Very secure.

I think the letters are in the Karnaka Language. Hindi and English are common
 and then each state may have it own language. I am going to Gadag.

Statue in the middle of Hubli center square.

Interesting architecture in Hubli.

This is suppose to be Masala Dosa. I had in Hubli. Potato and spices inside. Ykk.

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