Chenna - Dharwad, Karnataka - Hooper - Hotel - Karnataka State of India

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These to ladies had dreads or really matted hair. They are going to Karnataka. Nasty.

Women workers on the highway crews.

Women working along the side of the road. Mostly it is women hauling dirt on their heads.

Fields of Rice in the distance. They are drying rice or something on the left of photo.

Rice paddies

The little kids foot in front of me has his foot hanging through the seat to my side.

My hotel in Dharwad. Excellent Hotel for 160. Note the singles are not safe.




Karnatak Bhavan Hotel in Dharwad India. Good hotel.

Dhawad or maybe Dharvad India in the State of Karnataka

This is a taxi Carriage

Lots of oxen pulled carts in Dharwad.

Some municipal building in Dharwad.

Ambassador Taxi Cars lined up. Made in India and looks like old Chevy 57

This cow stands looking into the hotel.

Market in Dharwad. I believe those flowers are part of the Hindu customs.

A man said this was a Banyan Tree. Those hanging vines will go down and connect and sprout roots.

This is a hooper or man making wheel rims for wood carts wheels.

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