Cow - Teacher - Chenna - Bus Stop Ponda to Dharwad, Karnataka India

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Herding cattle on the road between Margoa and Dharwad India, leaving Goa to Karnataka State in India.

We traveled up a mountain range and sort of plateau onto a flatter level. Lots of bamboo on the trip along side the road.

View looking back towards Goa and leaving toward Karnataka State in India.

This lady was a school teacher and taught English at at city on the border.


These dump truck were 70 percent of the traffic. Very few cars.

One and two axel dump truck along the road.

This guy sold Chenna, a small pop plant to eat.

This is the police at the border checking for criminals and smugglers I think. They had a sign that said excise.

The Chenna to eat. Inside that pod is something like a chickpea.


The police grabbed the guy and pulled him off the bus. He had that bottle hidden in his shirt. Who know why?
Some of the bottles like this are used to carry water.

Chenna again.

Chenna being sold at bus stop along the way.

My bus from Ponda to Dharwad India. I think it cost 50 Rupees.
The total trip from Margoa to Hampi cost about 150 Ruppes. The overnight is 400 on the tourist bus.


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