Lock - Bikes - Ponda Bus - Cattle - Goa - Hampi Trip - India

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A typical lock from India - It folds open and has a skeleton key. Hotel in Margoa, Goa, India

Beach at Benalium, Goa India

Fish drying in the sun, the nets are to protect from birds.

More fish.


Excellent Chinese Fast Food Restaurant in Benalium Beach, Goa, India

Chicken Fried Rice was I think 20 or 30 Rupees.

This type of plastic chairs and tables is the standard worldwide for any restaurant.

I rented this bike for 30 Rupees per day.

This is the bike lock. Very good system and stops the casual bike hopper thief.

The white things in the middle pull out. They are the fuse. There is a replaceable filament inside or wire.

A train bridge I believe.

Lots of Christian Churches in Goa.

Bus stop in Ponda on the way to Hampi

Policeman and probably some Muslims getting on motorbike. The Muslim usually wear white and have a beard.

Bus in Ponda on the way from Goa to Hampi. Just a stopover to change buses.

Water Buffalos are everywhere.

This is a public restroom. The design and construction is the same as Margoa.
This is very good in India so far and they seem to have lots of public restrooms. I am not
sure if you have to pay. They need to be free because the people still urinate anywhere.
Free toilets help keep a country clean, paid don't help a lot, but better than nothing like a lot.

Inside of the bus, notice the wood backs on seats. I believe the bus was made by an Indian company by the name of TATA.

My seat partner. Said nothing, but good guy.

Herding of cattle. I am not sure if they are holy or not. I think they still milk  the holy cows.

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