Cows Eating - Carom Board - Benalium Beach Goa India

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I have decided. Cows eat newspapers. I have seen multiple cows eating newspaper and other trash.

Carom Board

Blind also, or very bad eyes. I said, "Hello, how are you today." Gave him some Rupees and
moved on. I hope he can feel a "Kind Word." Most beggars bug the hell out of you, little children
following me down the street. This is the real thing folks.

Nice stairs, and typical of the homes in Margoa, India.

The boys outside the hotel playing Carom or some other name for this game.

Old architecture behind the motorbike that popped in the picture.
There is a barber shop inside the gazebo.

Walking along.... Stop. Take a photo, and keep on moving. Hard to say what his problem is?
He may just be drunk. Lots of booze in India. He has all his legs and arms, and body parts.
It not really that old, so who knows. Maybe he is resting? He also was not begging. I do not
make beggars out of people that are not begging. He was in some type of fetal position with his hand.

This was a great photo. The bus was moving pretty fast around a curve. I put my camera
at the window... time it so I was between hedges or groups of roadside weeds. Took this photo.
Note this is the homes for what I think are construction workers. There are round pipes piled
up inside their tent areas. I have found a lot of the homes like this are at construction sites.
Now remember. I am in a bus. I did not get out and go interview these people. Just a photo.
I do however see a lot of people sleeping or staying in new buildings under construction.

Cow next to pile of rice straw. For you photographers. See the spots of shade and light.
This is a very cool, shaded, and wonderful place. The colors, smells and feel is great.
To get a good photo is very hard, and this one does not do justice to it. But it is cheap
with a digital camera. I would probably skip this with a normal camera. Lighting is difficult.

This is a large real estate development on Benalium Beach, State of Goa, India

Those birds were hecklers of the cow, and flew as I took the photo.

Benalium Beach. Very very sprawled out and not really much fun.

Benalium Beach

Benalium Beach

Rice paddies. The white spots in the rear of photo are white birds.


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