Magao Market - Export Package - Ballroom Dancing - AIDS

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This is the sign above the covered market in Goa. Plus look at all the electrical lines.

The lady said to send it home it had to be in a white. She did not say cloth. I found out the next time I tried to send this.

Street on the way to the railway station in Margoa or Margao India.

There is a youth Hostel in Margao. I did not see this. This is a sign the railway track bridge.

This man stopped me on the right and wanted me to take a photo of his son.

Sharks for sale in the market. To eat.

This man sowed up 2 boxes for 50 Rupees. The material cost 16 Rupees.


Free! Ballroom Dance Classes

HIV Warning sign. Everyone think they are ignorant of Aids in other countries. This just is not true.

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