Computer - What will break on your laptop. Travel Advice

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This is going to break. There is a retractable plate inside. After enough times going in and out it lose contact.
Plus it will break on the inside of the machine.

This is in a terrible location. It should be on the top or at least on the side.

If you actually put this on your LAP that exposed plug will be able to be broken or bent. Do not put a laptop on your lap.

This is a transformer for electricity. It will take both 220 and 110 and change it to something like 19 Volts. It will get hot an eventually burn up. Try to plug it into its own circuit in your room. This is probably not possible, but do not run other very powerful electrical devices at the same time like a  hot plate.

Below he grooved area the copper wire will cut eventually.

Same for this grooved area.

Same here. But see that burnt spot on the prongs. That is from electrical arcing of 220. Hard to stop.

The whole cord.

That is going to break the parts INSIDE your computer. But constantly pushing in and out of the machine.
There are only so many time you can insert it, so be careful in your use. Do the absolute minimal times.

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