I discovered this chew in Margoa India. That is in the state of Goa

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I think that is a pile of Banana leaves.

This man sits at this table the whole day on the road leading to the Margoa Railway station.

He spends most of the time cutting up some type of nut.

These are all the ingredients that he could put inside the leaf.



Those are a nut of some kind.




Me receiving what he called a sweet one.

Got him to look at me when I took the photo.

I took a bite.

What started this tip was a guy from England by the name of Kash that was addicted to this nasty habit.
That is tobacco and some type of lime or something that is not clear.
He wad this up together and put in his lip and turned his teach colors.
Called  Double Lati Chap Chuni

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