What the hell is Mak Kio or Mak Khio?
I found this in a small village called Nam Kham - Mountains
Hill Tribes Laos

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Another Mystery. These Indian ladies would chew this nasty stuff. They called it Kio Mak.
The mak means something to chew, but I am not sure of the Kio or Khio or however you
would think it should be spelled.

You put some of the white cream stuff on the leave. Wrap the leave with the wood.
I tried the stuff. Chew and spit. Chew and spit. Nasty. It could be opium. But who knows?

Red and ugly teeth. The older people or Indian's are the ones chewing this.
A semi Indian live in the towns and the Indians live outside the town. Sort of seems racist, but hard to tell/

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