Train Station Margao - Shower - Trash - Goat - Margao India

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Trains in Margao or Madgaon India


I think people camp waiting for the train to come.

Bridge over the tracks to the station.

My breakfast. 1 Rupee each or about 2 cents U.S. Each.

Wonderful picture. The little girl, the dog snoozing. Too bad so little.

Trash in the river.

Next view after that river was this great hospital.


Cement mixers are only in areas more developed.

Typical Truck in India. "TATA" is a make that is common.

The guy is taking a shower or bath.


Typical what I think is Portuguese construction. These same style house are on every corner in my area of Margao.



The interesting thing in India is they always or often advertise the Safe Deposit Lockers.

Beautiful construction in Margao, India

A Pizza Hut Mouse Pad. Note: Pizza Hut - A mouse pad should not slip around. This one does.

Advertisements for the movies made in India. Ballywood.

Did you know? You can remove the inner core of duct tape.

A cold and purified water machine or fountain in Margao Incia. This is only in developed countries .. Almost.


This is a problem with storm sewers. This make the cities stink. Really bad in Thailand.


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