Instruments - Motorbikes - Train Station - Margao India

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Click Here # 134 Goa, India


The crowd

The boat they used to lay the nets.



A paddle

This is a local lock. One side has a combination and the other a key. Very good, but not good to use a local lock.

Guy playing Clarinet. Has flutes and instruments for sale just off Palolem Beach.


First Motorbike

Second Motorbike - I think a French couple were touring the country on bikes. This is very common in India.

Guy collecting sap for Fenny the local moonshine.

Interesting Architecture now in Margao

This is a picture of a picture. But the pots on the women head has a lip. You can
 tie a rope around the lip and drop in well or your can sit things on top of them easier.

Beggar. Cost me 2 Rupees for the photo.

People living along the road to the Railroad Tracks.


Train Station in Margao

I like this. NO SPITTING

Color TV to watch while waiting for train.

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