Resort - Turtle Nests - Ferry - Goa India

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Construction of the round rotunda or bar for the huts.

Small huts in a row.

Looks like an apartment complex of huts.

I left and walked down the beach. This is a turtle nest. Under the sand are the eggs.

The label every nest with a sign, these eggs will hatch 55 days after the date.
Note they reverse the month and date in all the countries outside the USA.

A church. In the next set of photos there are more turtle photos. I changed cameras. Just after I left the Fenny still there was this church.


This is a dry rice paddy behind the still and the turtle beach.

Making Asphalt



The Ferry across the river to Masham

The ride in the dugout.. a.k.a. Ferry

Reaching the other side.


Leaving with another group to return towards the turtles.

School students in Uniforms.

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