British Colonist - Shade River and Entrance to Turtle Beach.
Goa India

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I told him he did not look English. He needs long legs, pasty white skin, and long pants.

The local fishermen. I do not know why they did not pay them to help.

Same group. I have to cross that river to the left with a dugout canoe.

10 Rupees and that is all I get.


Going across the river.


The ugly and dirty boats on the other side. I had trouble taking good photos. The sun was coming from behind the boats.

Christian Monument off the dock area.

Looking back at the ugly boats with characters on them.

The general store that poses also at night I think as bar.

I think this was a Hindu Temple or whatever I past upon going back to the beach.

Looking back. That dock and river was beyond the headlands.

The cow eating trash.


Looking back from even farther away.

Footprints in the Sand and a Starfish.

I try to walk to the left of the wet about 3 meters. Somewhere along there it is hard.

Marker to say go inland at the sand bur field. Another Headland to go around.

The sand bur field. I put on my shoes again.


Bamboo. The first growing I have seen in India.

The girl was in that gap between the building to the left and the pile of rice straw.

The beautiful picture of the shade river turned out good!

Walking to the entrance of the beach. Beyond is the resort in process and the Turtle Beach.

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