River Crossing - Large Hotel - Golf Course - Men with Purse - Goa India

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Walking away from the escarpment or headlands that I just crossed.

A boat read to leave. It if full of nets.

A net looking backwards. Hard to take photos ahead. The sun is intense in the morning.

The small river I needed to cross. I took my shoes off at this point.

Looking back at the river I had to ford. It was about 2 feet deep. I walked around that small headland on the water side.

Workers loading sand in round dish type containers. There is a huge hotel behind the line of trees for India people. Rich ones.

The next headlands or rocks to get around.

Looking back at the works again.

The golf course that was behind those trees and the large hotel. See the flag on the green.

To the left is the golf course. There is a large boat in this lagoon.

Walking up on the 2 British colonist that never catch fish.

This is one of them purse. Maybe that is why they do not catch fish.


The guy with the purse.

I do not think he looks at it as a purse. I think they say handbag in England.

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