Beach and Beach Huts on Palolem Beach, India

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Flavia Paradise - Beach Huts and Rooms
Huts are good

The coming of the beach chair and umbrella. In comes the tourist and out goes the hippies.

These 2 girls were cooling and an area left over at the tide was out.

North end of Palolem beach that goes to an inlet. I am looking back towards the main beach.

Round river rocks.

Round or the hard corners of these rocks are smoothed off.

This is strange. Rounded rocks mixed up with jagged rocks.


Looking toward Palolem Beach from the north part of beach.



Two Indian Girls that sell Jewelry.



Typical foot of a local girl.



Cow eating a bush over the edge of the fence.

This building was probably made with out of mud or soil of the local area. This change the color of the concrete. Old building.

This is the restaurant the tunnel and bridge.

The bridge at the south end of Palolem Beach

Planks leading to hut on the south end of beach.

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