Having clothes made while traveling.

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Click Here # 132 Goa, India

My new shirt. Hand made by this great guy
 Plaids are traditional here. Cost 12,000 Saddam Dinars.
The mand made great effort to show how all the lines matche and the colors of the pockets.
He was a perfectionist. There is on the right side. It matches perfectly. The sleaves also.

This was made in Mosul, Iraq. Very good tailors.


This man in Chaudi of Goa, Near Palolem Beach made me the shorts below.
I started out with one pair, but have now changed to another tailor.


These are the shorts he made. They are a copy. Not a good copy. The waist band is smaller both around
my waist and the broadness of the band.

The 100 percent cotton stamp is next to pocket. Not needed... hehehe

I had my new tailor sow in the secret pocket.
The new tailor and the entourage.
That is Maya. She speaks English very well and laughs a lot.
The view from outside. / Export Division.

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