Roofs - Toilets - Shower - Fishermen - Pig
Palolem Beach Goa

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Fishermen with nets on Palolem Beach - Goa India

Pig wallowing in mud behind the huts close to road.

Every night they cook water. I think it is water. I am not sure yet. I think so they have pure water.
This is probably for the people that do not pay to have the public utility water.

Cooking on a wood fire. This is not very normal.


I think this a free public water tap. Sometimes they are dry. But they are strategically located on beach.

Typical and not a temporary roof on the bamboo or wood constructed huts. This plastic is sown together specifically for this use.

Me taking picture with the whole gear of being a photographers.
This does not mean he knows what he is doing. But he is dress the part.

Typical clothing. See the bare mid area of the body.

Typical roof. Not a typical house.

Probably a normal middle class house in Palolem.

My toilet before I moved. The bucket was always empty.


My shower. There was a 2 waste bins inside full of water and a bucket. Sometime the bucket was missing.
This is NOT a typical shower for the tourist on the beach.

Fishermen working together to set nets.


Dividing up the fish after they netted a bunch.



The little float on the side I believe is to help them get through big waves safely.


OMMMM  Yoga and Guru stuff taught on beach.

Fishermen pulling in nets.

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