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Introduction: By Andy

I entered Iraq in August of 2003 at the Silopi, Turkey border. This trip started with zero recommendations to proceed. Each step of the way I proceeded knowing that all my friends, family, and fellow travelers considered this too dangerous. But my instincts and my trust in humane nature told me they were wrong. After 7 years of traveling the world I believe that the normal citizen of any country is good.

But with full knowledge that if I was wrong, it could cost me my life I entered further into Iraq. Mosul is located on the cusp, or the Kurdish lands, and the Arab Lands. A semi no mans land where the two cultures collide. They agree or disagree in this city.

To my surprise and quite by accident I was come up on a group of Scholars. I call them the “English Scholars” because they study and taught the English Language at the University in Mosul. They were jovial, fun, serious, knowledgeable, energetic, and great host.

While still concerned for my safety I soon realized that the war was not part of my world, or the Scholars. It was easily avoided like staying out of a bad neighborhood.

I saw the real ravages of Sadaam and his regime. He robbed these Scholars of the world. I walk the world in freedom, but the people of Mosul and Iraq have spent the last 20 years with little or no knowledge of the outside world. All newspaper, television, internet, and even their conversations were censored.

I visit the entire world. This is not possible for the Scholars from Mosul, Iraq. They will remain a hostage of Iraq until the legacy of a Dictatorship and Terror ends and the world invites them to visit.

I have brought this invitation for the world to visit Mosul out of Iraq. 56 English Scholars signed this in utmost seriousness. They wish to be friends again with the world and extend their invitation to visit Mosul, Iraq.


Visit Mosul by
Khalid of Mosul, Iraq

      Mosul is a beautifully unique city. It is the salad of different tastes. Wherever you look, you find something that reminds you of its ancient history. It is the manifestation of Orient. In its markets and bazaars you see and feel the flavor of Arabian Nights with its merchants, passersby and women dressed differently like no other place. Here you can find various beautiful fashions, accents, languages and colors that meet all to gather and create a fine harmony of a melody like a Persian carpet. You might ask a question: how such variation of colors, fashions, religions, sects, accents and languages, turns to be a fine harmony. The best pictures of seasons can be found here in Mosul, especially nowadays where the second spring embraces the city, usually we call it city of two springs.

      It is a symbol of all oriental cities and the West in its modern looking. Its river, Tigris, flows with pride and dignity since olden times. It takes you back to Nimrud, Sinharib, Assur Panupli, Hadba mosque, Bashtabya, Qara Sarai and walls of Assyrian Empire, etc. In Mosul, you can hear of other names for the city : Hadba (hunchback), Um Arrabi’ain (mother of two springs), Nineva (ancient name), Rimah (spears). The people here are quite generous, calm, respectful, curious and they love foreigner and feel very keen to help and host visitors, regardless of their nationalities or religions. They are peaceful with themselves and with others. Mosul is not like other cities of Iraq where you fear about yourself. In it, you can find good and cheap hotels, transportation and delicious meals at any time of the day. And as Andy says it is the “no-pay city”. One visit to Mosul makes you find that this description and words are very poor compared to its richness.




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