Cigarettes - Constructing a hut on Palolem Beach

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I took this picture because the building had Swastikas on the side.

Normal Lock Set-up in Palolem Beach - Very secure type lock. That is my lock on the door.
I do not use the ones they give me.

This is a wash board concrete block to wash clothes by hand

Same wash board. That is the metered water coming to the beach.

Everyone seems to roll their own cigarettes. No maybe 50 percent.

The new ads on smoking packages. - Smoking Kills.

This is the internet cafe. They are dialing through a cellular or mobile telephone.

Constructing a temporary Restaurant on Beach. They take them down during Monsoons.

Cow and sun bathers on Palolem Beach Goa India

Starting to construct a pre fabricated or read to build hut on beach. The take then down after the season.

Same building.

Volley ball on Palolem Beach

Constructing Hut


See the number 5 on the side. This is how they remember which piece go with which hut.




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