Coconuts - Fenny - Wells - Margao India

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Click Here # 131 England to Goa, India

Palolem Beach



These women are carrying sand for construction to the hut area.

Playing ping pong on a marble table at the Alpha Bar

Climbing Palm tree to collect juice for Fenny. Alcohol Drink

They have cut notches in the side of the palm trees to help them climb.


The guy collects the sap. Brings down and puts in here. They will take to place and ferment.

Ping Pong at Alpha Bar



Pump for Well. They have both wells and water lines on the beach.


This is a well. Quite large for a well. It must take a long time to collect to need to be that big.

Water Tank to hold water, when the water is off

Cow eating in trash in Chaudi or Canacona India

They just walk around. They all look well fed in Goa


Building Blocks for homes. This is volcanic rock it appears.

Magao City Square

Bus from Margao to Cancona. 12 Rupees - See the sign "No Spitting" I like this.


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