Harrods of London England

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Inside Harrods of London - I am taking the P - But this is really inside.

McDonalds - Me taking the P again.

Harrods building

Front of Harrods building


Rolls Royce



The girl on left is American - Does not use normal silverware. Carries her own chopsticks. Said that her mother set the table proper all the time and this was not correct. Rebel without a clue. This is a normal representation of American Travelers from the land of Fruits and Nuts. I am American and when I see or meet these types. I think. Why are only the crazies wanting to leave the country and that maybe they should be encouraged. But in the end the world learns about the USA form crazies and surfers. An X generation. MTV view of society... aaagh!

She was probably eating veggies. The Ozzie on the right was probably wanting to cook some bacon. He was full on and funny.


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